Our vision is to provide a space where students can experience work-based learning in a new way resulting in increased Self Esteem, Self Efficacy, and Mindset Awareness. After experiencing the E2E Lab, students will leave with purposeful and attainable future goals.

Venn Draft (2).png
  • E2E Incubator Lab: Maximizing Student Self-Efficacy through….

    1. Targeted Development of a College Going Mindset:

    Students will…

    • visualize themselves in a post-secondary environment
    • have a sense of belonging in a post-secondary environment
    • explain the value of a post-secondary education in relation to the future they envision
    • develop the resilience, tenacity, and endurance necessary to complete a post-secondary experience
    • understand how to successfully procure the resources to finance the experience to completion
    • understand how to access and advocate for personal needs
    • have a clearly outlined transition plan to post-secondary

    2. Career Exploration and the Development of Career Readiness Skills:

    Students will…

    • develop a personal identity through an exploration of their strengths and interests
    • engage in a variety of design thinking/ inquiry-based experiences
    • practice the foundations of work, including resume construction and interview techniques
    • Engage in client-based, project-based learning with embedded work-based learning experience
    • Engage in scaffolded work-based learning experiences aligned to their strengths & interests
    • Earn certificates and digital badges leading to work-based learning opportunities

    3. Increased Number of Industry & Post-Secondary Partnerships

    Industry Partnerships Resulting in…

    • Increased the number of authentic, hands-on learning experiences focused on “working alongside” industry professionals in a work environment
    • Standardized understanding of quality work-based learning experiences
    • Post-Secondary Partnerships Resulting in…
    • Increased number of opportunities to engage with post-secondary students in shared projects and be recognized for their contribution through awards, publication opportunities, etc.
    • Increased number of learning opportunities at a post-secondary site
    • Increased number of high school students earning postsecondary credit

    The above goals will result in:

    + Increased number of students attending 4-year universities

    + Increased number of students continuously enrolled in a post-secondary

    + Increased number of students completing transfer college courses